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Endless Spells in Age of Sigmar Second Edition


Today Warhammer Community have shared details of the highly anticipate Endless Spells in Age of Sigmar Second Edition!

Endless spells are a new kind of magic that ranges from predatory magics that indiscriminately annihilate anything in their path to “utility” spells that provide cover against ranged attacks or allow you to heal units.

Endless spells are one of the unforeseen consequences of Nagash’smachinations in Shyish. Where previously spells would dissipate naturally, many now take on a life of their own, roaming the realms and accumulating power almost indefinitely. Some wizards in the Mortal Realms have even taken up work as bounty hunters, tracking them down and dispelling them, while certain examples are as notorious as any dragon or beast that lives in the woods, like the legendary Phantom Blade that cleaves through Ulgu.

Endless spells are cast like normal spells, but rather than resolving their text with a mere roll of the dice, each summons a model to the table. This miniature then persists throughout the game until it’s dispelled – Wizardscan choose to do this in place of casting a spell normally, meaning you’ll have to weigh up the choice between disrupting your enemy’s magic and using some of your own.

Most predatory endless spells are damage dealers – the Purple Sun, Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws and Burning Head are all prime examples. When you set up a predatory Endless Spell, you’ll get to move it – usually over some hapless unit of enemy troops – to deal a deluge of Mortal Wounds.

Endless spells are moved at the start of each battle round after determining who gets the first turn, with players taking it in turns to pick a spell to move, starting with the player that has the second turn that round. You’ll be able to move any Endless Spell with this move, not just the ones you control, representing their wild and untameable nature. Summon a Suffocating Gravetide and you might find yourself needing to volunteer to take the second turn in a round to stop your opponent from sending it crashing into your own units! Suddenly, always shooting for a double turn can become a very dangerous prospect indeed…

Not all endless spells are damage dealing, and a host of them also help your army in a variety of ways. Some will heal your units, some will offer the Wizard controlling them strange new powers, and some will affect your whole army – but might end up helping your opponent, too!

The Balewind Vortex is one such spell, and it has been given a complete rules overhaul in line with the rest of the endless spells.

To give you a taste of what you can expect from your endless spells, here’s a couple of Warscrolls to whet your appetite –the destructive Purple Sun and the tricksy Umbral Spellportal:

We’re really excited to see what the future brings for endless spells, as the strange and wonderful magical energies of the Mortal Realms are brought to life, with even more to come in the future! In the meantime, if you’re looking to take full advantage of the endless spells when they’re out, make sure you get ahold of a few Wizards…

Very exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing how these models are packaged – individually or maybe a box containing a few? Something Jervis mentioned in the Stormcast Podcast was “My favourite of the first endless spells we are releasing…” so perhaps this is something we will see expanded further overtime…

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