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Taking to the Skies #2 – Dave’s Age of Sigmar 2.0 Journey

I’m absolutely terrible at project logs aren’t I? Whoops…

Painting the Overlords

For those of you who may remember I penned the start of this log some weeks ago after I’d painted an Admiral from the Kharadron Overlords. He single handily inspired me to paint a force in time for the second edition of Age of Sigmar.

Me being me, decided to jump right in and paint a frigate. I mean, flying airships are awesome, and I just had to paint one. I knew if I hated painting one, then they weren’t for me.

Here it is in its current state of painting:

I’m pretty pleased with it to be honest. Every time I pick up a brush I feel I’m making progress.

It’s all well and good painting big flying ships of doom, however it was time to try painting an Arkanaut. This would be my first shot at painting a model this small, and I was nervous. The Admiral came out well as he’s mainly armour, but an Arkanaut features more cloth.

After spraying him black I gave it a shot, and well, I was very disappointed:

The cloth was hard to pick out, the colour of he gloves just didn’t go on well. I’d tried a similar effect to my Admiral for the leadbelcher bits and it just didn’t work.

I’m not going to lie, my eyes quickly started to look towards other armies. I just couldn’t see myself painting an army of these fellas.

Fellow Brewers Matt and Jason, who inspire me a lot to paint, stepped in and advised me to try using a different undercoat to Chaos Black. I painted my ship with Thunderhawk Blue, so Jason advised me to try The Fang spray.

So I did.

Matt recommend I paint them so they are at least table top standard, as I could go back to them later, perhaps with a little more skill with a brush and add details. With a dwarf primed I set out to paint the main colours:

Ok so his belt didn’t work out how I intended, but on a whole I was much MUCH happier with how he looked. Suddenly an army of these didn’t seem that daunting.

I’ve left all a little late to get them finished this week before the launch, however I’m going to give it a good old go:

On a side note, painting outside is very relaxing!

Tomorrow nights plan is to at least finish the Leadbelcher on the rest of this squad, and hopefully apply the bronze too.

Gaming with the Overlords

We’ve been giving the new rules a run out recently, so it was the perfect time to test out how the Kharadrons play on the tabletop.

My first, and second game was against Matt’s Ogres. It’s safe to say I got battered in the first game. If theirs one thing that became painfully clear with the Sky Dwarfs it’s that you have to get them into their prime range. I allowed my Ironclad to be surrounding by a horde of Ogres and my Thunderers jumped out too early, leaving them out of range. They were soon charged and killed.

The second game was a slight improvement. I used my vessels better, but again I wasn’t making the most of my firepower due to range. I also for a second game on the run left my Navigator too far away from his Butcher so I couldn’t dispel his magic.

Onto my third game then, and again it was against Matt. This time I was facing Khorne, a mix of Bloodletters, Blood Reavers, Skull Cannon etc. I tried to move a bit more aggressively, and it paid off. A lot of my weapons feature a rend of -1 or even lower, which suited the Daemons higher armour save.

The real star however, was my Admiral. By using my command points to allow him to re-roll hit and wound rolls with his Skafhammer. He ran head first, backed up by his crew, into the Daemons, slaying them right left and centre! He then went on to finish off the Skull Cannon, the Slaughterpriest and Matt’s banner bearer (I can’t remember his name!).

I still lost, due to Matt’s gained victory points and a summoned unit too far away from my Overlords to shoot at, but it was very close.

Following on from that I faced his Tzeentch army, led by a Lord of Change. I struggled to get his Pink Horrors off the objectives due to them re-spawning, so I ended up aiming for his casters. Again, Admiral Ankbar slayed Chaos for fun!

Although Matt was again winning on victory points I ended up gaining a minor victory by wiping out his army.

In my latest game I fought Jason’s Sylvaneth. By positioning my Navigator better I was able to dispel a couple of spells. The Ironclad, my model of the match, should have been taken down during Jason’s first turn, but it hung on with just a couple of wounds. With a combination of the Tireless Endenriggers and my Endrinworks I kept healing at least a wound a turn. It ended up killing a lot of dryads and his Branchwraith.

In what appears to be a common feature I was losing on victory points, but again managed a minor victory by defeating his army!

Now I’ve got a few games under my belt with 1,000pt games I’m starting to get a feel for how best to play with them. It’ll be interesting to see how they fair when the points go up and their are more mortal wound dealing magic on the battlefield.

Before that however, I’m going to try and get my 1,000pts painted!


  1. Yea, that second take is looking a lot better. Painting up from a really dark base can be very challenging with certain colors. The opposite can be true too, but I find it usually harder to paint up. One trick is to apply an in-between layer. So, on that belt you could try a lighter version of Fang (blue/grey) first. Maybe a straight grey. Then paint your lighter color over the top.

    I have to hand it to you for tackling that Frigate. Painting spherical objects with a metal color, can be a real pain. I just end up getting brush strokes all over the place.


    • Thanks for your comment!

      Yeah I’ll try that tip regarding his belt, much appreciated!

      I really enjoyed painting the frigate, although it’ll need re-doing slightly now to fit in with the look of my Arkanauts.

      Liked by 1 person

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