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Primaris Hydration Drink Announced! Collaboration with Pepsico!

We have a massive, exclusive announcement to bring you all this morning!

This week Team Sprues & Brews were given a exclusive chat with Games Workshop’s IP team about a new licensing agreement which was all about bringing a whole new Warhammer branded product to market.

It’s an idea that has been continuously looked at, and right now, with Pepsico at the helm, we have a fantastic finished product which Warhammer and high quality drinks fans around the world will enjoy!

Andy Charles – GW IP

Pepsico?! Yup…that’s right! Warhammer is entering the drinks market!

This should come as little surpraise, as GW have been using the Warhammer license to bring us all forms of merchandise, from clothing to candles.

The demand for high quality hydration drinks is at a record high. Months of product research and focus groups has led us to what we believe to be a future market leading product.

Morris Denver – Pepsico

Pepsico, the company behind Pepsi, Mountain Dew and 7up have created Primaris, a brand new Hydration Drink, in conjunction with Games Workshop.

It’s clear the company has seen the popularity of Prime and wants in on the action. Whilst clearly aimed at thirsty hobbyists, both companies believe the taste of this new range of drinks will pull in those unfamiliar with the Warhammer and Space Marine brands.

Whilst we hope a bottle of Primaris will almost become as common place as dice and tape measures during games of Warhammer, we also see our Hydration Drink reaching a much larger audience than just those who play the game.

Andy Charles – GW IP

It’s been revealed that at launch we’ll have three flavours to choose from. Ultramarine Blueberry, Eldarflower and Blood for the Blood Orange.

The disappointing news is that we aren’t expecting to see these hits the shelves until much later in the year, however we were granted an exclusive look at the bottle label, to give you a taste (no pun intended!) of what we can expect.

We honestly did not see this one coming, and cannot wait to give it a taste!

Primaris: Hydration Drink is currently looking to be hitting supermarket shelves in November. We’ll of course bring you all the information as it becomes available over the coming months.

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