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Next Weeks Preorders – Did somebody say OGORS !!!

All of the following is up for preorder next week ! Remember to order through our Element Games link to save some money and support the site at the same time.

The Ogor Mawtribes are once again on the march and are very hungry along with the launch box for the Slaves to Darkness, Horus Heresy goodies and some more scenery for Necromunda.

All of the following are courtesy of Warhammer Community :

Age of Sigmar

For preorder next week we have the following going up for Age of Sigmar :

  • Battletome Ogor Mawtribes
  • Vanguard Ogor Mawtribes
  • Bloodpelt Hunter
  • Maneaters
  • Ogor Mawtribe Warscroll cards
  • Ogor Mawtribe Dice
  • Vanguard Sylvaneth
  • Sons of Behemat Warscroll cards
  • Slaves to Darkness Army Set

Horus Heresy

For fans of the Horus Heresy we have the following going up for preorder next week :

  • Liber Imperium – Forces of the Emperor
  • Clade Venenum Assassin
  • Clade Venus Infocyte Assassin
  • Clade Adamus Assassin
  • Solar Auxillia Tank Crew
  • Solar Auxilla Surgeon – Primus Jovan and Medical Orderlies
  • Solar Auxillia Rapier Batteries
  • Iron hands and Night lord Upgrades


Fans of Necromunda get some goodies next week :

  • Goliath Vehicle Gang Tactic cards
  • Promethium Tanks Refuelling Station
  • Promethium Tanks on Cargo-8 Ridgehauler Trailer
  • Goliath Ash Wastes Upgrades

Another super exciting week of preorders coming next week !!!!

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