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Next week’s Preorders! Cursed City is back! Amazons for Blood Bowl! Heresy Legion Upgrades!

All of the following is up for preorder next Saturday! Preorder through one of our Element Games links to help us out and save pennies!

Our thanks to Games Workshop for the below content! Another strong week of preorders!

BloodBowl 600Wide LOGO

Amazon Blood Bowl Team: Kara Temple Harpies

SundayPreview Sep25 BB AmazonTeam

The Kara Temple Harpies are the new Amazon teamfor Blood Bowl. Bringing speed, slipperiness, and a savage nature to the astrogranite, they offer a new challenge for all players. This kit includes six Eagle Warrior Linewomen, two Jaguar Warrior Blockers, two Python Warrior Throwers, and two Piranha Warrior Blitzers. They all come with Dodge, and your Blitzers have the new Hit and Run trait, which enables them to escape retaliation after they’ve performed a Block.

SundayPreview Sep25 BB AmazonTeamDeets

You also get two double-sided Blood Bowl coins, two turn and re-roll markers, four balls, and a transfer sheet inside the box.

Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 15

SundayPreview Sep25 BB Spike

Get the Amazon team onto the tabletop with the latest issue of Spike! It contains rules for Star Players, background on famous Amazon teams, advice on how to coach your side, and all of the usual fun in-world columns. There are even rules for running an Amazonian Temple League and using Amazon players in games of Dungeon Bowl.

You’ll be able to get Spike! Journal Issue 15 in softback and epub editions.

Amazon Accessories

Get the best advantages a Blood Bowl coach can have with these accessories. Intimidate visiting teams (apart from maybe Lizardmen) with a double-sided jungle-themed pitch – including a torrential downpour side with a scaly audience – which comes with matching dugouts.

Keep track of your players’ rules during a match with the Amazon team card pack, which also contains 16 team-exclusive special play cards that can turn around a game in a flash. As for the team dice set, we can’t guarantee they’ll always roll double skulls – er, sixes – but at least you’ll be doing it with a very stylish set.

Boa Kon’ssstriktr

SundayPreview Sep25 BB Boa

Forge World is getting in on the Blood Bowl fun with a range of new resin Star Players for Amazon and Lizardmen teams. The first snakeman to join the game, Boa Kon’ssstriktr is a slippery character, dodging past would-be blockers before hypnotising opposing players into handing over the ball.

Estelle La Veneaux

SundayPreview Sep25 BB Estelle

A friend to all frogs, Estelle La Veneaux is also the sort of friend you want on the Blood Bowl pitch. She has enough foul hexes in store to transfix her opponents, allowing your ball carrier to stroll into the endzone to score.

Glotl Stop

SundayPreview Sep25 BB Glotl

Finally, Glotl Stop will add some brute strength to your teams. What this scaled beast lacks in subtlety, it more than makes up for in pure savagery – why sneak past opposing players when you can smash (and chew) your way through? 

WHQ CursedCity 600Wide LOGO

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City

Cursed City Returns Dec16 Contents

Cursed City is back! Can you and your friends save Ulfenkarn from the undead hordes that roam the streets? The box contains everything you need to play this tense cooperative game, including 60 plastic miniatures, cards, tokens and counters, game board tiles, and dice. There are also warscrolls, so you can use most of the miniatures in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar too.

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City – Nightwars

SundayPreview Sep25 WHQCC Nightwars

Continue your heroes’ journeys with the first expansion for Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. As three new vampire lords seek to claim dominion over the city, can you put a stake in their claims? This set includes rules for three new journey types and all the cards and tokens you’ll need on your quests. You can further expand your games by picking up the miniatures Radukar the BeastFell BatsVampire LordLady Annika the Thirsting Blade, and Kritza the Rat Prince separately.

Warcry2 600Wide LOGO
SundayPreview Sep25 WC

First available in the Heart of Ghur boxed set, the Warcry Core Book for the new edition is coming out separately. It includes the core rules for the game, loads of background on the brutal setting – the Gnarlwood – and lots of extra content for matched, narrative, and open play, including quests, campaigns, and more.

40k 600Wide LOGO

Space Marines Heroes

SundayPreview Sep25 SM Heroes

Build a Tactical Squad or kill team, one blind box at a time. There are six push-fit Space Marines to collect, all in red plastic with both helmeted and bare head options, connoting the Blood Angels Chapter – although you can paint them any colour you like! You can also buy a dispenser set of eight miniatures, guaranteeing you’ll get all six different models with two extras.

HH Logo PressRoom WEB

World Eaters Upgrade Sets

SundayPreview Sep25 FW WE Heads

Show your loyalty to Angron and the raging XII Legionwith these new upgrades for your Mark VI Space Marines. The head set includes nine helmeted heads – featuring the crests that are still stylish 10,000 years later – plus a helmeted sergeant’s head, and a bare head showing off the infamous Butcher’s Nails. 

SundayPreview Sep25 FW WE Shoulders

The shoulder pads set includes 10 moulded pads sporting the World Eaters icon – the perfect way to finish off your angry killers.

Space Wolves Upgrades Sets

SundayPreview Sep25 FW SW Heads

You can also upgrade your Space Wolves units with heads and shoulder pads. You get eleven heads in total – nine Legionary helmets, a decorated officer’s helmet, and a bare head. The other upgrade set offers 10 moulded shoulder pads featuring the Legion icon.

SundayPreview Sep25 FW SW Shoulders

These resin upgrade packs will be available to pre-order from the Forge World webstore from Friday. Sign up for the Forge World newsletter for the latest updates from the Age of Darkness.

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  1. Just a minor note on the cursed city expansion models on say you need to pick up separately. i believe the fell bats are included in the cursed city set. you can see them in the box pic ones on the board another is in the background.


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