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Hobby Resolutions June 2022 Update

Well June has come and gone which means we are more than half way through the year, looking at my hobby resolutions progress so far I am pretty happy with where I’m at, there are one or two resolutions that I will have to really focus on now like painting the entire contents of the Dominion box.

The resolutions I have completed in June are in light green.

In June I went to a one day Age of Sigmar event at Element Games with my Ogor Mawtribes as a bit of a change from my Sons of Behemat I have been playing for about 8 months now, I did take BUNDO WHALEBITER !!! (I love the name) as an allied unit to complete the hobby resolution of playing three games with an allied unit, now I love my Ogors but they can not compete with the newer books ( I was running all Gutbusters) and I did come last which netted me a £10 voucher for element games so a pretty good day overall.

After the event at element games I got to work on painting the rest of my chaos knights for the Warhammer 40k doubles event at Warhammer world, I decided to go for a black legion colour scheme which was very relaxing to paint and I think looks really nice. The list below works out at 860 points which when you add chaos marks on my list for the doubles event was 940 points, this makes a pretty big dent in my resolution of painting 2,000 points of 40k chaos, to finish off the list to 1,000 points I will be adding a Karnivore to the list.

All members of the Sprues and Brews crew attended the 40k doubles event at Warhammer world, I teamed up with Matt and his Chaos knights (we were called “the Knights of the bottom tables” ) while Jay and Dave took a mixture of Death guard and Eldar ( Who disease Eldar think they are ? ), we played five awesome games and by the end of the event I was highly motivated to paint some more 40k stuff especially world eaters ……..

Jay and Dave also got a painting nomination which is well deserved.

Now that we are half way though the year I am beginning to see that I need to focus on some of the harder resolutions like painting the contents of the Dominion box or painting the models needed to play some of the campaign missions from the middle earth supplement Defence of the North, the hobby – hobby resolutions I think will be pretty easy to do and the reading ones so I’m not to concerned about. When I finish painting the last war dog model for my chaos knights that will be the 1,000 points done and the last 1,000 points I plan on doing the death guard from the dark imperium box and then expanding that to a full 1,000 point force to complete the hobby resolution of painting a full 2,000 points of 40k chaos.

In the next few weeks the Sprues and Brews crew will be jumping into a Necromunda ash waste campaign which I am excited about as I have never played it, I am also going to the 40k crusade event at Warhammer world in early September and I need to decide what I will be taking for that and then I plan on trying to get a ticket for the Age of Sigmar path to glory event later in the year so I have a feeling there will be some busy painting months to come.

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