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Next Week’s Preorders: Kill Team Moroch, Chaos Knights, Necromunda

All of the following will be up for preorder next Saturday at 10am. Preorder through our Element Games links to save pennies and help us out!

The following is from Warhammer Community:

Kill Team: Moroch

The grim lens of the 41st Millennium pans away from Vigilus to elsewhere in the Nachmund Gauntlet – Moroch. This frontier world is hastily preparing a desperate defence in the face of onrushing Chaos forces, who want to eject the hated Imperials and claim the only safe passage through the Great Rift.

SundayPreview May22 KT 06 MorochBox

But the taint of Chaos has already come to Moroch, and even now warbands of Militarum Traitoris* are throwing off their disguises and striking from within. Only a deadly Phobos Strike Team of Space Marines can prevent the world falling to anarchy, and taking the entire sector with it.

This boxed set contains 22 miniatures making up two full kill teams – that’s 12 Blooded members of the traitor guard and 10 Phobos Space Marines. Ten of the Blooded are completely new, and they’re incredibly customisable. You can build them as a range of deadly specialists for your games of Kill Team or as basic Traitor Troopers. On top of that, you’ll find a single-pose Traitor Enforcer and Traitor Ogryn.

SundayPreview May22 KT 07 Blooded

The Phobos-armoured Space Marines are built from existing Infiltrators and Incursors, and come with a new upgrade sprue to put together a wide range of new elite specialists.

SundayPreview May22 KT 08 Phobos

On top of that, you get eight pieces of the new Battlezone: Fronteris terrain for your two sides to fight over, complete with special new rules for using features like the Auspex Shrine, Landing Pad, and Vox Antenna. Then there’s a 96-page rulebook explaining the background to this conflict, providing complete rules for both kill teams, and a linked narrative campaign to play through. There’s also a double-sided Fronteris game board and a 279-piece Space Marine transfer sheet.

Codex: Chaos Knights

Originally released as part of the special edition Chaos Knights launch box, this codex is available on its own for the first time – and what a book it is! This is the essential guide for fans of these corrupted engines of war, containing everything you need to run a full army, or to add an allied Dreadblade to another Chaos force.

SundayPreview May22 40k 01 CodexChaosKnights

It includes Harbinger of Dread rules to strike fear into your foes, the new Warp Storm psychic disciple, 32 unique stratagems, special rules for six especially unpleasant Dread Houses, a suite of Crusade rules in which your own house follows the Eightfold Path of Damnation, and 10 datasheets to field a range of these big, angry mechs.

Sometimes you really want to let your freak flag fly, which is where the collector’s edition of Codex: Chaos Knights comes in. Bursting with all the same great content, this luxury volume comes with silver foil cover text, a ribbon bookmark, and a soft touch cover all showing the proper obeisance to the ruinous powers.

Chaos Knight Abominant

SundayPreview May22 40k 03 KnightAbominant

The massive Knight Abominant kit also makes its solo debut. This versatile box is really three knights in one, with the option to build the psychic Knight Abominant itself, the Knight Desecrator – a medium-range gun platform – or the Knight Rampager, a berserk close-quarters killer. If you’re running an army of Chaos Knights, you won’t want to stop at just one.

War Dogs

SundayPreview May22 40k 04 WarDogs

Smaller than their full-sized big brothers they may be, but the Chaos Knights War Dogs are still a malevolent force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. This is another flexible kit that builds two of three possible War Dog variants. Choose from the Karnivore, Stalker, or Brigand, which each prefer a different engagement range varying from up close and personal to all the way over on the other side of the battlefield.

Chaos Knights Datacards

SundayPreview May22 40k 02 ChaosKnightsDatacards

Keep track of all your devilry and diabolical designs with this set of 50 datacards. It includes 32 generic Chaos Knights stratagems, six unique stratagems for named Dread Households, and five core stratagems, as well as six Warp Storm psychic powers, and a copy of Smite for good measure.

Ever wonder how a Chaos Knight would do on Necromunda? We have. The answer is “definitely too well to make it fun”. Anyway, there’s some nifty outdoor terrain coming for Necromunda – if nothing else, it gives your Outrider Quads somewhere to hide from those Knights…

Thatos Pattern Extended Hab Module

SundayPreview May22 NEC 03 ExtendedHab

For sale: one incredibly spacious Thatos Pattern Extended Hab Module, perfect for a young Necromundan family looking to upsize out in the fresh air and open skies of the ash wastes. This Extended Hab Module is larger than the ones found in the Necromunda: Ash Wastes set, but it’s fully modular and mixes perfectly with the other kit, giving your gangs more places to hide from inclement weather.

Thatos Pattern Hab Module

SundayPreview May22 NEC 02 Hab

This standard Thatos Pattern Module isn’t quite as roomy as the extended variety, but it still provides all the light, ventilation, and legroom a hardy pioneer could wish for – plus a full suite of telemetry from the roof-top gewgaw. These were first available in the recent Necromunda: Ash Wastes set, and they’re fully compatible with the Sector Mechanicus terrain, so there’s scope to make some truly unique battlefields.

Thatos Pattern Platform and Walkways

SundayPreview May22 NEC 01 Walkways

If you’re living in tiny, decaying, metal prefabs on the toxic planes of a long-dead world, you need a suitable means of egress. These platforms and walkways are great for raising the profile of your hab and keeping your feet off irradiated sands that’ll scour you to the bone given enough time.

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