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Adeptus Titanicus Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan Unboxing

Today we check out a new addition to the Adeptus Titanicus game in the new Dire World Heavy Scout Titan, a particularly sneaky titan with the ability to deploy very close to the enemy!

Massive thanks as ever to Games Workshop who sent us the Dire Wolf kits a little early to unbox and review! We’ll also be getting these painted up as the foundation of a new Legio Mortis force, so stay tuned to the site for painted images! If you would like to help support the site then why not order your Adeptus Titanicus reinforcements through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some money too?

We have the full unboxing just below, or head over to YouTube and subscribe for more videos!

So let’s take a closer look at what you get!

While we originally thought that this might be a plastic Warhound with resin upgrade parts, this is actually an entirely full resin kit! There’s two different sets available, one with a carapace mounted Neutron Laser and another with a Volcano Cannon

Both kits are identical however with the only difference being the weapons on the back – here’s a look at the assembly guide for both!

In the back of the construction guide you get weapon cards that can be cut out to use with the included terminal – out of the two weapons I’m leaning more towards the Neutron Laser myself – It’s S7 with Bypass, Draining and Shock making it quite the threat on a Titan that as we will soon see can deploy very close to the enemy…

Let’s take a look at the terminal and see just what it looks like..

It’s very similar to a stock Warhound, slower but more resilient, and clocks in at 210 points before weapons. What makes it really shine however is it’s ability to deploy anywhere on the battlefield as long as it is outside of 8″ of enemy engines and is at least 50% obscured – On a board with decent terrain coverage this means that it is quite easy to get this well within the optimal 30″ short range for the main gun and will be something the opponent has to deal with asap, leaving you other engines free to get into position.

From a force construction point or view one can be taken per maniple in place of a non-compulsory Warhound, or can be taken as an Auxiliary choice. Legio Audax get a couple more options being able to swap a mandatory Reaver with a Dire Wolf too, opening up a few more maniple options for them!

I have actually really fallen for this Titan and it looks much better in person than it did in the initial previews. What’s really cool too is that it has pre drilled holes for magnets in the arms suggesting that we might see some additional options for it down the line

I used 2mm x 1mm magnets, though you can probably fit a little bigger. These are a little fiddly to fit, however I thought better to future proof the titan! You can also build it so that the gun can turn to face left or right too – which while having no game effect certainly looks cool!

Hopefully this is the first in a range of new Titans that we have not seen before! Adeptus Titanicus has has some great support and amazing kits, and I hope this is a sign that we will start to see a trickle of new engines to pad out the options available to us before we start to see more exciting stuff such as Xenos titans

The Dire Wolf is up for pre order today from Forge World

Games Workshop provided Sprues & Brews with free copies for the purposes of review.

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