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Next Weeks Preorders: New Age of Sigmar Battlebox, Skaven Vs Sylvaneth, Custodes on Patrol, Character Releases

All of the following are up for preorder next Saturday morning at 10am. Preorder through our Element Games links to save pennies and help us out!

So the headline item is Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Echoes of Doom, a new Battlebox pitting the Skaven against the Sylvaneth.

This box mixes the recently announced Lady of Vines, Gossmind Archers (Sylvaneth) and Deathmaster (Skaven) along with some classic kits (Spirit of Durthu, Kurnoth Hunters for the Sylvaneth and Clan Rats, Stormvermin and a Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace for the Skaven).

Ideal for new players, the box also includes a mini Core Rulebook, a narrative booklet, warscroll cards for the kits included and tokens.

An amazing way to start or expanding a Adeptus Custodes army, the Combat Patrol box is up for preorder too!

The Blade Champion is also up for preorder individually for the first time.

Oh, for those who are more sinister, the Reductus Saboteur is also up for preorder for the Genestealer Cults!

Finally, for Warcry, the two bands from the Starter Box, the Darkoath Savagers and the Tarantulos Brood, are up for preorder as individual kits.

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