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New Warhammer Underworlds Exiled Dead and Rivals of Harrowdeep review

The dead are back and are taking Warhammer Underworlds by storm………. The Exiled Dead are here along with the Rivals of Harrowdeep box.

Thank you to Gamesworkshop for sending us a copy to review for free. If you would like to support the show you can pick yours up from Element Games we would really appreciate it.

Let’s start with the Exiled dead.

The Exiled Dead

So the Exiled Dead is one of the larger warbands in the game consisting on seven models who are lead by the Vampire Deintalos the Exile who has been thrown out of Shyish because his desire to combine necromancy with technology is heavily frowned upon, personally I find this war band to be really electrifying…….

Just like the other warbands you get a Rivals deck and another deck of additional cards for playing games in a non Rivals format.

The Fighters

The models themselves are super nice and easy to build with the most complex being only five pieces and coming on very nice cobblestone bases really fits with the undead war band.

The Exiled Dead consists of Deintalos the Exile, Prentice Marcov, Regulus Unbound and four zombies Bault, Clash,Coyl and Ione Unbound. The names of the zombies did make me laugh which is only a positive thing…… hehe positive…..

The thing that jumped out at me straight away with this war band is the conductive keyword which Deintalos and the zombies have, this allows Deintalos the Exile to move or attack with all the conductive members of the war band in one action as well as bringing one conductive minion back a turn.

Speaking of minions Ione, Coyl, Vlash and Bault ( I will refer to them as zombies now) all start the game inspired as they are super charged however raising them back places a raise counter on these minions which makes them uninspired something we have not seen before in Warhammer Underworlds. While the zombies do get slower and some of their attacks do change (they get +1 damage against a staggered target) when they uninspire they do get a rule called arcs which gives them an extra dice when attacking if there is an adjacent conductive fighter meaning you will want to group them up to get the damage potential up.

Prentice Marcov ( the only non conductive or non minion fighter in the war band) and Regulus Unbound have a very symbiotic role, the only way to inspire Marcov is if Regulus makes a successful attack action, Regulus does have a range two halberd so can attack and be relatively safe. Of course if Regulus does get taken out of action the Marcov can bring him back making the two fighters good at overwhelming weak fighters.

And last but not least Deintalos the Exile. The leader of the war band who you really want to keep out of harms way, his ability Danse Dynamic allows all conductive fighters to either move or attack and brings one out of action fighter (who is conductive) back all in the same action. His attacks also have stagger which is really good for helping your zombies get that extra damage before they get taken out early on. His inspire condition is “a friendly minion takes an enemy fighter out of action” which depending on which war band you are playing against shouldn’t be too hard to do.


The objectives in this deck are very well thought out and will make this war band super fun to play, you have a couple like Forbidden Lore and Force Dynamic force you to move multiple fighters and charge into the enemy which is great for aggressive play styles and supports how I would want to play early on in a game while still being achievable in the third turn.

Stench of Dynamism at first glance looked quite hard to do as there are only four spell cards in the rival deck for this war band but when I realised that Deintalos the Exile and Marcov are both wizards I changed my mind, don’t get me wrong it will still require some luck and careful planning but well worth it if you can get it.

Overall the objectives in the Rival deck look pretty easy to do but really good players will be able to get those two and three glory objectives which adds some challenge to playing them.

Ploys and Upgrades

I can never keep a straight face when I have a good ploy in my hand and man does this war band have some good ploys, Reassert Control allows you to remove a raise counter from a minion and inspires that fighter which for this war band is super useful, Sparkling Shuffle really helps get your minions up the board which will help get you into position to use Deintalos’ action to attack with more of your conductive minions.

The upgrades for this war band feel pretty minor compared to some decks, Unfeeling Fortitude and Dynamic Stabiliser will help keep your minion’s alive which feels strange as you want them to die or at the very least don’t mind if they do but anything that makes it harder for your opponent to get some easy glory points late game is still good, if you can get Convert’s Zeal on Marcov you can get him doing three attack dice which is pretty good especially when he is inspired.

Additional Cards

So the additional cards you get with the Exiled Dead are a nice addition to non rival decks, there are a lot of faction specific cards like No Nice Things which will find a place in destruction decks and Death’s Dues which hurts a player for taking an Illusion upgrade, forcing them to either spend a glory point or break the upgrade. Overall I find the additional cards add some flavour especially to some of the older war bands but I find myself playing more rivals format now so it depends on your play style as to how good these cards are.

Summary – The Exiled Dead

First of the models in this war band are really nice which is no surprise when you look at Warhammer underworld models, Deintalos the Exile is a super nice model but I find myself more excited to paint the zombies in this war band, something about painting a zombie with electrodes sticking out of its back just seems really cool to me.

On the table I think this war band will present players with a challenge, most of your fighters are inspired at the beginning of the game but loose some hitting power if they are killed and brought back, your war band will be good against other warbands that can’t take a hit and the ability to move four fighters at once is amazing as your opponent can attack one before the other three then get to attack thanks to Deintalos ability.

Rivals of Harrowdeep

The Rivals of Harrowdeep box is released alongside The Exiled Dead and Nethermaze, the box contains Xandire’s Truthseekers and Da Kunnin’ Krew warbands that we saw in the Harrowdeep box and their respective rival decks without any of the additional cards that came in the original Harrowdeep box.

For me who only wants the rival decks and the war band models themselves this set is great as it gives you both warbands at a slight discount but for most Warhammer underworld players this box I feel won’t have the same appeal as most players will have these warbands when they bought the harrowdeep box.

Overall it is good that you can now get these warbands separately and at a slight discount which for me is great but if you already have these war bands then there is no incentive in picking up this box which is a shame but still a good buy if you haven’t got these warbands.

Thanks again to Games Workshop for sending us a copy to review for free and again if you want to support us you can pick up both of these sets from Element Games.

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