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Next Week: Codex T’au Empire, Space Marines, Blood Bowl and War Zone Nachmund

Another Sunday and another bumper assortment of pre orders going up next weekend! If you would like to support the site then why not order via our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some cash too!

Here’s all the details from Warhammer Community!

Codex: T'au Empire

Exciting week for Xenos players next week as the new Codex T’au goes up for pre order!

T'au Combat Patrol

Alongside the new book we also have the new Combat patrol chock full of miniatures

 T'au Darkstrider

And Darkstrider strikes out with an amazing new model!

War Zone Nachmund: Vigilus Alone

The Warhammer 40k storyline continues with the latest narrative supplement War Zone Nachmund: Vigilus Alone, taking us back to Vigilus to see what the forces of chaos have been up to since we last saw them…

Crusade Mission Pack: Wars of Faith

Crusade players also get some love with a brand new mission pack set within the Nachmund Gauntlet – Wars of Faith!

Gravis Captain

Space Marine players get a pair of new heroes too, the Captain in Gravis Armour and the Primaris Ancient!

2021 Almanac

And finally for the sports fans we have the 2021 Almanac for Blood Bowl, putting together the last few Spike! magazines and some original content!

With LVO taking place next week keep a close eye on Warhammer Community, as there will be another Warhammer Preview on Friday! I suspect we might start to see more Eldar…

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