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Hobby Resolutions for 2022 Intro.

Well a new year dawns on us and like many others I have set myself some hobby resolutions that by the end of the year I aim to achieve, I divided them into 5 categories this year, gaming, reading, hobby, painting and a new category podcast.

2021 was a pretty good year which was made all the better when I was asked to join the Sprues and Brews podcast, having been an avid listener for awhile I was and still am over the moon to be apart of the show so it seemed only right that I set some resolutions specifically for the podcast.

My aim every time I write these lists is to encourage myself to hobby whether it’s playing a game or painting a new army my hobby resolutions are my way of self motivating me to hobby more, each time I write a list I look back at my previous list from the year before and think about the resolutions I did not do and try to work out why I didn’t do them.

In 2021 I achieved 11/15 which I think was my best result yet. Looking back on last years resolutions the ones that I did not achieve were mostly because I felt like I was forcing myself to hobby in a way that was not how I wanted to, I set myself the goal of painting 289 models which would be 1 more than in 2020. I didn’t do this because I was painting models that I wanted to rather then to get models painted. I spent the first 4 months of last year painting Sons of Behemat which in the end is only 6 models, I could have quite easily bought 100 Stabba’s for my Gloomspite gitz but I didn’t because it was not what I wanted to paint.

While painting a kill team / war cry war band might not seem that hard to do over the course of the year I was never really interested in any that came out and while I suppose I could have used some of the Ossiarch Bonereapers I painted to tick that off I wanted to paint one of the war cry specific boxes like the Khanite Shadow Stalkers.

So to re evaluate last years hobby resolutions I wanted to write a list this year that would fit into what I wanted to do in 2022 rather than set myself any resolutions that would force me to hobby certain way for the majority of the year. With that said I wanted a list of things that were pretty easy to achieve so I came up with 25 for myself and 3 that were specific for the podcast.

For me this is the best list I have ever come up with as I feel that all of these resolutions are achievable even if I have some slow hobby months, so my main aim is to do all of these by the end of the year and chronicle how I get on each month.

“You shall paint more models”

I always put a few very easy ones in just to get the motivation going, painting a named character or listening to an audio book are very easy and it helps to get these easy ones done first as I can say that even though I might only have painted a single model in a month I have crossed a resolution off the list.

For me these resolutions give me something to aim for in the hobby which is all our own and specific to ourselves as hobbyists, I have no illusions that I will probably never win a tournament or win a painting competition but these resolutions give me something to aim for in the hobby, so even if I loose all my games I can still enjoy myself, I lost 2 games at a throne of skulls 2 years ago because I didn’t take the double turn at a 2 day Age of Sigmar event.

And I still enjoyed myself.

And I think I might just cross off the make my own thumbnail for this article, already off to a good start.


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