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Eldritch Omens – Elder VS Chaos Space Marines Battlebox Revealed!

Exciting Christmas Day news from Warhammer Community today, the next Warhammer 40,000 Battlebox is on the way soon and it features the Eldar VS the Chaos Space Marines!!

EldritchOmensVid Dec24 Armies

Eldritch Omens contains 16 models, 15 of which are brand spanking new!

On the Eldar side we get a brand new plastic Autarch featuring a range of different weapon options (And the weapons are compatible with the existing model too!)

EldritchOmensVid Dec24 Autarch1

Next up are new plastic Rangers, who I have to say look very tasty indeed!

EldritchOmensVid Dec24 Rangers

And finally the Eldar get a brand new unit in the form of Shroud Runners – Scout bikers!

EldritchOmensVid Dec24 ShroudRunners

These look really cool and are the biggest confirmation yet that the long rumoured Eldar heavy year is indeed on its way!

Now, it’s not just the pointy eared who have all the fun in this set! The forces of the Chaos Space Marines also get some reinforcements!

First up a brand new Warpsmith who just looks amazing!

EldritchOmensVid Dec24 WarpSmith

We then see something we havn’t seen since the Dark Vengeance box, a unit of plastic Chaos Chosen! Hopefully these have a range of weapon options on the sprues!

EldritchOmensVid Dec24 Chosen

The final model in the box is an old one, but still really cool – the Forgefiend!

EldritchOmensVid Dec24 Forgefiend

As soon as we hear word of release date and price we’ll share that info!

Games Workshop also dropped a teaser than on the 27th we will find out about an upcoming Age of Sigmar battlebox that features the forces of Order fighting Order – could this be Idoneth Deepkin VS Fyreslayers perhaps? We have heard rumblings of something coming for these races, so fingers crossed on new models for them both here!

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