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Next Week’s Preorders! Shadow Throne! Nurgle for AoS!

All of the following is up for preorder next Saturday at 10am! Preorder through our Element Games links to save pennies and help us out!

2021 maybe coming to a close, but GW still has new stuff coming out.

Kicking things off next week for Warhammer 40,000 we have Shadow Throne, the latest Battlebox which has the Adeptus Custodes taking on the Genestealer Cultists!

This box contains an exclusive character for both forces. The Custodes get a new HQ character called Blade Champion and for the Cults, Reductus Saboteur. Both are exclusive for this box, later getting released individually.

As with the last few big boxes, anyone who preorder, you’ll be guarantee one!

Into the Mortal Realms as Age of Sigmar has a. DW Battletome, the Maggitkin of Nurgle?

Not only are they getting a new book, but they are also getting new dice and warscroll cards!


They are getting a new model! A Rotbringer Sorcerer!

Fancy starting or expanding a Maggotkin army? T

The Vanguard boxes are the Sigmar equivalent of the Combat Patrol boxes for 40K!

Finally, the characters for the Dominion box are coming out in new packs.-

Thunder strike command has Yndrasta, along with a three man unit of Annihilators and a Knight-Vexillor.

And for the Orrucks, a Killaboss on Gnashtooth , a Murkbob banner and a unit of 3 Boltboyz.

Anddd finally! Up for preorder via Forge World on Friday, Barik Farblast, a new special Player for the Dwarfs for Blood Bowl!

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