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Next Week’s Preorders: Dragons for Stormcast! Dungeon Bowl! Outcasts! LOTR!

The following are all up for preorder next weekend. Feel free to preorder through our Element Games links to save some cash AND help support our website!

Wow, what a week of preorders!

We’ve got a standalone board game for Lord of the Rings, a new gang for Necromunda, Blood Bowl…in a Dungeon AND FINALLY DRAGONS for the Stormcast Eternals.

Lets run through everything now…

Now, let’s not muck about, the big preorder for next Saturday at 10am is the arrival of Krondys and Karazai, the two new named dragons for the Stormcast Eternals. One kit that makes both builds. I cannot wait to pick these up!

SundayPreview Nov21 AoS 01 Krondys
SundayPreview Nov21 AoS 02 Karazai

But that isn’t it for Dragons, as the Stormdrake Guard are arriving too. These can be made as Guard or you can choose to build one as a Knight-Draconis.

SundayPreview Nov21 AoS 03 StormdrakeGuard

Moving away from Age of Sigmar, we have new stuff for Warhammer 40,000 too.

Well, by new, I should say returning, as a bunch of Chaplains are going to be made to order for one week only.

SundayPreview Nov21 40k 01 ChaplainsMTO

A new box game appears in the shape of Dungeon Bowl. Simply put, this is Blood Bowl played out in, you guessed it…a dungeon!

Really looking forward to playing this!

SundayPreview Nov21 BB 02 DungeonBowl

For those who have Goblin teams, a number of accessories for them are also up for preorder. Cards, dice and the pitch!

SundayPreview Nov21 BB 01 GoblinsAccessories

The Underhive is up next, with a raft of new stuff for Necromunda.

Kicking things off we have a new gang, the Outcasts.

SundayPreview Nov21 NEC 02 OutcastGang

You’ll of course need rules for these, so a new book is also going up for preorder, entitled Book of the Outcast. This also contains new campaign rules, and special rules for Markets.

SundayPreview Nov21 NEC 01 OutcastBook

Speaking of Markets, Zone Mortalis: Underhive Market is also up for preorder!

SundayPreview Nov21 NEC 03 Market

Cards will also be available for the Outcasts

SundayPreview Nov21 NEC 04 Cards

And finally on the Necromunda front, we have a new unit for the Escher gangs, the Khimerix.

SundayPreview Nov21 NEC 05 Khimerex

Can you believe there is even more stuff up for preorder?! Well there is!

Lord of the Rings fans will be interested in the next, new, boxed game. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring™ – Battle in Balin’s Tomb is a complete standalone boxed game featuring Middle-Earth plastic minis. You get the original Fellowship minis, as well as 12 Goblins and a Cave Troll.

This box contains all the content you will need.

SundayPreview Nov21 ME 01 BalinsTomb

To wrap things up, their are new Knights coming to Adeptus Titanicus.

Armiger Knights and Mechanicum Knights Moirax are the smallest knights we’ve seen for Titanicus, and they are up for preorder next weekend too!

SundayPreview Nov21 AT 01 Knights1
SundayPreview Nov21 AT 02 Knights2

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