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Next Week’s Preorders: Kill Team! Middle-Earth! Titanicus! Painting Accessories!

All of the following is up for preorder next weekend! Remember to use our Element Games link to nab yourself some money off and help support our website!

So what is up for preorder next weekend?

First things first, it’s Warhammer Day next Saturday, and due to which, we have two new minis up for grabs from GW.

SundayPreview Oct24 WHDay 01 Lieutenant
SundayPreview Oct24 WHDay 02 Vampire

Yep, that is a Primaris Lieutenant with Storm Shield and a Vampire Lord (Anasta Malkorion), timed exclusives! Available for one week only!

GW have teased that they’ll be running special promotions next weekend too!

The big box item, on what is a busy preorder week, is the new Kill Team box, Kill Team: Chalnath.

This features Adepta Sororitas Novitiates for the first time up against a unit of T’au Pathfinders with a brand new upgrade sprue.

SundayPreview Oct24 KT 01 Chalnath
SundayPreview Oct24 KT 02 SoB
SundayPreview Oct24 KT 03 Tau

Next up, we have Adeptus Titanicus! We’ve got a new box featuring the rules for the Traitor titans, Adeptus Titanicus: Traitor Legios.

SundayPreview Oct24 AT 01 TraitorLegios

Also up for preorder is the monstrous Warmaster Iconoclast Heavy Battle Titan!

SundayPreview Oct24 AT 03 WarmasterIconoclast

That’s not all, as Aeronautica Imperalis is also getting reinforcements, as the Thunderhawk Gunship is available in plastic for the first time (albeit small scale!) and the Fire Raptor squadron.

SundayPreview Oct24 AI 01 Thunderhawk
SundayPreview Oct24 AI 02 FireRaptors

The preorders don’t stop there, as Games Workshop are bringing out a raft of new accessories (just in time for Christmas, can see what they did there!).

The Citadel Painting Handle XL is the new style painting handle, but Mega Gargant sized! Like literally Gargant size!

This is pretty nifty, and something we haven’t seen before from GW I don’t think… a Citadel Colour Assembly Stand, perfect for those annoying builds!

Blu-tack heads to paint pots no more! I may have to pick up a Citadel Colour Sub-assembly Holder myself! Simple idea, that looks to have been done well.

The Citadel Colour Spray Stick is back, only this time with a twist!

Literally, it rotates for easier spraying. 100% getting an upgrade on mine!

We’ve got a preorder from Forge World in the shape of Savior of Calth – Remus Ventanus.

And finally, for Middle-Earth, a plethora of models are getting rereleased! Check all these out!

You can read more about next weeks preorders here.

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