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Next Week’s Preorders! Aeronautica & Van Saar

Another Sunday, another evening to find out what’s up for preorder next Saturday morning from 10am! This week is all about those specialist games!

First of all, we’ve got a brand new box for Aeronautica Imperialis!

Man this box must have been announced ages ago, but finally it’s here. It’s called Aeronautica Imperialis: Wrath of Angels and puts the Space Marines against the Eldar!

The starter box contains all the rules, minis, dice and tokens to play the game.

As a separate release there is also the Asuryani Nightwing Squadron containing six Nightwings.

Prefer your Eldar planes to be chunkier? Then what about the Asuryani Phoenix Bomber Squadron!

Moving over to the Emperors finest, there are two squadron boxes for the Adeptus Astartes too. The Xiphon Interceptor Squadron and Storm Eagle Squadron.

As with all new plane releases, each side gets a shiny set of dice and Aircraft cards.

The starter set includes a mat, but also up for preorder is a gaming board, entitled Outer Reaches Area of Engagement.

To round out the preorders we have both the Imperial Navy & Ork Air Waaagh! Ground Assets, which look way nicer than the tokens!

For Necromunda, the Van Saar are getting an upgrade pack! Filled to the brim with weapons and heads, these give you more variety when building your gangers.

Annnnnd finally, high in everyone’s shopping list should be this cuddly Nurgling!

No preorder on this one, he’s just out on Saturday!

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