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Next Week – Hexfire, Grey Knights and Thousand Sons New Codex Pre Orders

We have a 40k weekend coming next Saturday with the Hexfire Battle Box, the Grey Knights Codex and the Thousand Sons Codex all up for pre order! Check out the full details over on Warhammer Community and if you would like to support the site then why not order through our affiliate Element Games?

SundayPreview Aug01 Hexfire

An awesome looking box that we worked out contains over £200 worth of miniatures, Hexfire continues the tradition of two armies facing off against each other in a themed box – what’s really cool about this one is that it seems to contain some bespoke Crusade content too, allowing you to use these forces as the core of a Crusade army and earn some unique bonus based around the conflict in the box!

SundayPreview Aug01 GKStdEd
SundayPreview Aug01 TSStdEd

Alongside this we have new 9th Edition Codexes for both the Thousand Sons and the Grey Knights – both being two armies that deviate quite a lot from Chaos Space Marines or Adeptus Astartes, so it will be cool to see what new goodies they get. In particular we are excited to see their Crusade content and how they interact with each other!

We also get the usual Data cards up for pre order alongside them, plus some rather awesome looking dice!

SundayPreview Aug01 TSDice

Meanwhile over for Blood Bowl we get some cards, dice and a pitch for the Shambling Undead – Sadly no new team yet, which is a shame as we haven’t seen any since the new edition came out almost a year ago!

SundayPreview Aug01 MEKnightsofDale

Finally, from Forge World for Middle Earth we see The Knights of Dale City and King Brand and Prince Dale II

SundayPreview Aug01 MEKingBrand

We’ve seen a few Erabor and Dale themed kits now, which looks to be gearing up towards a War of the Ring period expansion set in that region – will be nice to revisit this area and see how things have changed since the time of The Hobbit.

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