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Ankbar’s Expedition – Path to Glory: Talons of Thondia

Following on from Matt’s post announcing the arrival of Jarlrift’s Horde, it’s time to check out our second Path to Glory force, Ankbar’s Expedition!

Everything has it’s price. You’ve just got to know how to barter!

Admiral Ankbar moments before ‘negotiating’ the sale of a keg of ale, with his hammer

When the Kharadron Overlords were announced for Age of Sigmar, I was overjoyed. I mean, who wouldn’t want an army with flying airships right?!

They also marked the arrival of a brand new army for the system, which at that time, was still very much Warhammer Fantasy armies refreshed for Sigmar.

I believe the Path to Glory system, in particular the narrative that flows through it, suits the Kharadrons. They are forever on the hunt for trade and aethergold, which will result in them traveling throughout the realms.

With our Path to Glory armies we decided to start at 600pts, and expand from them as the narrative plays out. So what does 600pts bag you?

Admiral Ankbar – Arkanaut Admiral

If you are going to make a Kharadron Path to Glory army, you have got to start with an Admiral, right?!

From a Matched Play perspective he isn’t that competitive, but this isn’t Matched Play! We want to give some of the units you don’t see as much some love in our armies and on our streams. Plus the model is awesome!

Ankbar only has one goal in life. To make maximum profit and live like a king. The only problem is, he doesn’t know when to stop.

He’ll trade with anyone who has something he wants. If they aren’t willing to trade, well, his hammer will have the final say.

Oathstone – Arkanaut Frigate

The first vessel for my force (sadly Ankbar’s flagship Ironclad is a tad expensive for a starting Path to Glory army!).

I love the ships for the Overlords, so had to include one. It also fits the contents of the force within it, perfect for my expedition!

The Oathstone was Ankbar’s first vessel, and on its maiden voyage came under assault from the forces of Tzeentch. It gained the name from standing firm whilst the magical bolts blasted Ankbar and his crew.

The Swashbucklers – Arkanaut Company

Every good Admiral has to have a crew, and that’s where the Swashbucklers come in!

The first company to swear loyalty, they will follow there leaders wherever they go, for they now profit won’t be far away!

The Riveters – Endrinriggers

First of all, apologies, I still need to finish painting this unit! Promise these will be done by the time they are called up upon for my next game!

Love these models! The Riveters ensure the Oathstone keeps going, throughout the frantic sky battles.

The Expedition Begins…

The Oathstone has arrived in Ghur on a tip.

It had been rumoured that a bottle, capable of holding magic, was lost within an old Duardin mine somewhere in the realm.

Thodin, Company Captain of the Swashbucklers, following what can be best described as a heavy ale session, managed to obtain a map with the location of a lost mine.

Ankbar didn’t hesitate. He set a course for the mine. Artefact or not, mines are home to plenty to plunder.

Thodin led the Swashbucklers and the Riveters on the ground, as Admiral Ankbar scoured the sky aboard the Oathstone.

Without warning, Thodin realised he’d led the warband into a trap, for the trees are alive….

Check out Ankbar’s first Path to Glory battle!

I’m really looking forward to building a narrative as I get back into playing the Overlords. I’m going to delve into the lore too to flesh out my warband’s background!

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