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Jarlrift’s Horde – Path to Glory: Talons of Thondia

In the first of a new series, Matt creates his first Path to Glory army for our Talons of Thondia campaign! We take a look at the force, the background and just how you put together a Path to Glory army!

Listen up lads, you want meat in your bellies and coin in your purse then you best follow me! We’ve taken this fort but there’s grub out there in the wilds for the taking, we just need to prise it out of their cold dead hands!

Jarlrift Giantbreaker following the fall of Fort Krull

One of the coolest things about the 3rd edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar is the Path to Glory system. This is a way of telling continuing narrative tales following the formation of a small band of warriors through to a mighty army and the sprawling lands they control. If you have played Crusade games of 40k then it is very similar, though Path to Glory has the really cool addition of managing your armies Stronghold and the territories that surround it.

While Path to Glory can be started at a number of different points levels, we decided to start ours at 600 points. This gave us a nice small force from which to get lots of quick games in, and the potential for the army to grow and evolve over time. It also meant that between us we could make Path to Glory armies for every faction from across the Mortal Realms so we could use them in our streams!

One of my favourite armies from Warhammer Fantasy were my Ogre Kingdoms, so it seemed like the perfect time to rebase this force and get them headed out into the wilds of Thondia

With 600 points to spend I wouldn’t be able to have many units (And would also have to stick to some initial limitations, at least until I stared claiming some more territories and expanding my army) so getting my initial force together wasn’t too difficult!

Jarlrift Giantbreaker – Tyrant

My first purchase had to be the Warlord, an Ogor Tyrant known as Jarlrift Giantbreaker.

Jarlrift had once been the mercenary bodyguard of Thandus Highhall, the commander of a hunting party from the city of Winter’s Peak to the north of Krondspine Range. After a particularly unfruitful hunt and a night spent in the cold gloom of Ghur , Thandus learned that when rations are running low that perhaps it’s not a great idea to tell an Ogor that food will be rationed in order of rank. Thandus and his party may not have been seen again, but with a fuller belly and a chest full of coins, Jarlrift set out to raise his own tribe for hire hungering for gold, grub and glory.

Knowing he will need the blessings of the Great Maw, Jarlrift is hunting for an artefact known as the Wizardflesh Apron to help further his cause…

Captain Morvan’s Crew – Maneaters

Next up I wanted an excuse to use some of my favourite Ogor models, and so I absolutely needed to add a unit of Maneaters to support Jarlrift.

Captain “Hungry” Morvan was the notorious pirate commander of the Satisfaction, a vessel known for its diverse Ogor crew. When a particularly daring raid on a Black Ark went a little less well than expected, Morvan and just two of the crew survived. Hatsumi Mawsaaki, an assassin trained in the legendary martial arts dojos of Hysh and Davy Crack-It a seasoned hunter and crack shot. Inspired by Jarlrift’s tale (but mostly by the weight of his coin purse) the Crew joined him on his quest.

Grub’s Crushers – Ogor Gluttons

While I had taken some fun models, I did need some bodies to hold objectives, and this is where my final unit came into play – some Ogor Gluttons!

As he travelled across the span of Thondia, Jarlrift leaned of a fort known as Krull where a sect of the Nullstone Brotherhood had imprisoned a pack of Ogors who had been seen devouring the remains of a suspected Aelven witch. Unfortunately for the handful of religious fanatics guarding the fort, the blind rage of Jarlrift was no match for them. Within an hour the Fort had fallen and the Ogors within had been released.

Grub, the leader of this warband pledged their allegiance to the Tyrant, laughing as he named the carnage around him as The Slaughterpit

The Slaughterpit

With the initial 600 points created, it was time to think about my Stronghold – “The Slaughterpit” is the name of the lands around the ruins of Fort Krull, the Ogors wasted no time in pulling down masonry and fallen walls in order to construct a Stronghold from which to run their campaign. The Old Keep itself would act as the first of my territories, a place that might one day house more Heroes as they are drawn to my army.

And with the army created, the Stronghold formed and my initial 5 Glory burning a hole in my pocket, it was time to start on the Ogor’s Path to Glory.

Stay tuned to our YouTube and Twitch this weekend, as the Ogors will be hitting the battlefield in their first live battle! Last weekend we played a Path to Glory game using the contents of Dominion, so make sure to check that out below!

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