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Preorders are Back! Necromunda, Direchasm, Blood Bowl!

From 10am next Saturday you’ll be able to preorder the below!

Necromunda is getting a brand new starter box! Necromunda Hive War includes everything you’ll need to play, and includes an Escher and Delaque gang, Zone Mortalis scenery, dice and tokens!

Up for preorder next week as well is a transfer sheet full of graffiti for your scenery! The Necromunda Underhive Propaganda Transfer Sheet is perfect for adding some character and interest to your scenery!

More weapons for Goliath and Escher are going to be available too! Check out these weapon upgrades!

From Necromunda, to Blood Bowl!

The Chaos Chosen Pitch with Dugouts is back! As well as cards for Chaos Chosen managers,

Oh, and themed dice too!!

The utterly superb Hedkrakka’s Madmob is up for preorder too for Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm! So much character crammed into these minis!

Finally, to wrap up preorders we have a new Universal deck incoming. Silent Menace brings 32 cards, which includes 12 Objectives, 10 Gambits, and 10 Upgrades, for your warbands. No spells here so even if you have a warband without a wizard these cards will be fantastic to add to your card collection.

So that’s all next weeks preorders, but don’t forget, we are in for a week of reveals thanks to a week long online Warhammer Fest 2021! The schedule is below.

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