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Weekly Hobby Updates

Welcome back to another week of hobby updates!

Did you miss last weeks? Check it out here. We’ll be chatting about all of the below on this weeks podcast.

Dave’s Progress

Keeping up my hobby resolution I’ve this week painted to completion a Skorpek Lord and 5 Necron Warriors!

I currently have another 5 Warriors waiting to be dry brushed. Unfortunately I’ve been unwell this week, otherwise I’d have had all 10 done!

Matt’s Progress

Over on Matt’s painting stream today he’s been busy painting a vehicle for his Horus Heresy army, the Sons of Horus, an Armoured Proteus Land Raider!

During the week he’s been also building more transports for his Heresy force, a Termite and Dreadclaw!

Jay’s Progress

Also on the Horus Heresy hype train is Jay, who has been working on not one, but two armies.

He’s been building, priming and painting Dark Angels Breachers, Angel’s Tears for the Blood Angels and oh….a Primarch called Lion El’ Johnson!!

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