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Weekly Hobby Updates

Last week I posted an update on how I got on with week one of my hobby resolution, to paint a unit/character to completion every week.

The post is evolving a little bit this week, as I’m also going to post Matt and Jay’s hobby updates for the week too!

We also chat about our weekly hobby updates over on our weekly podcast that releases every Tuesday evening. You can check out past episodes here. We also post regular updates of our painting over on Twitter.

Dave’s Hobby Resolution Progress

So this week I have managed to complete the following, including bases

I’ve finally started painting the Necron half of the Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus box, and I’ll be honest, I’m loving painting them! My scheme is very straight forward, however it is a joy to paint and looks great. I painted an Overlord, Royal Warden and one base of Scarabs.

I also made a start whilst watching Matt’s stream on the Canoptek Reanimator!

Matt’s Progress

Matt has been as busy as usual this week!

Starting the week off with some Horus Heresy, Matt started painting the Warmaster himself, Horus, over on his first painting stream. Within a few days he’d finished him off, and here he is in his finished glory!

In a change of pace, Matt then decided to tackle a board game that he’d picked up, Alien: Another Glorious Day in the Corp. Starting with Gorman, he then started painting Ripley and Hicks on his stream on Sunday.

Jay’s Progress

Jay decided to tackle a huge project this week, the KX139 T’au Supremacy Suit!

He’d already made a start, however this week he completed both weapon arms and the massive main cannon, as well as lens details and transfers. Just look at that thing!!

He wasn’t done there though! He has also done a test model for his Horus Heresy Dark Angels.


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