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Battle Forge is Now Live! | Warhammer 40K App Update

The long awaited army building tool for the official Warhammer 40,000 app has now launched across all devices. Simply update the app via the Google Play store or App Store on iOS.

Called Battle Forge, this part of the app allows you to build armies for matched play.

My first impressions are positive. I really like the layout and presentation of Battle Forge. Creating an army list around a detachment is straight forward and clearly notifies you of any issues with the army your building, for example if you have yet to select a warlord.

Point costs are also clearly visible, and throughout the selecting of units a box in the bottom left reflects how many points you’ve used and what you have left.

Selecting a unit allows you to modify the load out, giving you the option to add special weapons or Psychic powers. You can also view the datasheet quickly from here too, saving you from searching the app for your particular unit. This is handy mid-game.

Selecting your warlord does require pressing the points box previously mentioned and heading to the errors tab. This allows you to select your warlord as well as relics and pre-game stratagems.

From the overview of your army you can view a printable version of your list. This includes the total army points costs, unit options, traits and command points. It’s pretty basic, but works.

The app had a shaky start to life, with a number of issues with datasheets, the app crashing and the delay with the iOS release. Battle Forge has therefore launched as a Beta, acknowledging that the feature may suffer from a few issues.

I’ve had a bit of a play with the app and have found a couple of issues, with as incorrect text when you first load up the app.

I’ve also noticed when building army lists, whilst all (that I’ve check thus far, as I believe some users online have spotted some are missing) datasheets are available to view and add, some cannot be selected to add to the detachment you have created. An example of this appeared when I wanted to add Poxwalkers to a Death Guard detachment. Whilst I could add them outside of the detachment I couldn’t move them into my troops slot.

Games Workshop have set up an easy way to report such issues and inconsistencies to help develop the feature and ensure it is correct. You can go to this link to submit any issues you’ve found.

The Battle Forge feature is locked for subscribers only, however for the first month the army building feature will be free so that everyone can try it out.

As 9th edition codexes come out you’ll need to enter the code from your codex in order to view and use the datasheets for your army. Currently subscribers can view all 8th edition Codexes.

I’ve only had a quick play of the feature so far, but overall it does look great. The issues of errors remain, however GW have responded to this by making an easy to use feedback link. Hopefully this will allow for any errors to be quickly ironed out to ensure the app is accurate.

Warcom have detailed in there article regarding the launch of Battle Forge that new features will be added, such as custom chapters for Marines etc, as well as Stratagem-based abilities. If these features come along promptly and the errors are banished this could become my new favourite way of creating army lists.


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