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Next Week – Sons of Behemat, More Necrons and The Greatest Middle-Earth Model Ever

After an absolutely blistering weekend of pre orders, Games Workshop are back again next Saturday with some GIANT new releases!

Sons of Behemat

We have been looking forward to this release for a long, long time – but the Sons of Behemat are up for pre order on Saturday! I’m very excited to be able to to pick up these awesome models and craft an army of nothing but Giants! The Mega-Gargant kit makes three varieties, the Warstomper, the Kraken Eater and the Gatebreaker – the question will be which one to build first!

We did a little digging on the lore of the Sons of Behemat a while ago, so in the week long wait for the new book to go on order then why not take a peek at that article here!

As expected the release will include the Battletome and Warscroll cards, but there’s also an audio drama on the way too!

And if you need some “smaller” giants to pad out your battleline then good news, they now come in pairs!

The characters of out of Aether-war box have also made an appearance, also up for pre order next weekend!


Hot on the heels of the new Codex Necrons, they are getting some reenforcements in the form of the new Necron Warriors and Skorpekh Destroyers originally seen in the Indomitus box – perfect for rounding out your army!

But what’s cooler than a Hexmark Destroyer ready to shoot up the place with his 6 pistols? Nothing, thats what!

If you still haven’t checked out our review of Codex Necrons then make sure to give it a watch below!


And last, but not least we have the greatest model release of the year! The star attraction of the release schedule! Possibly the most perfect model ever produced.

Bill. The. Pony.

Make sure to stay tuned to the Forge World site on Friday morning if you fancy picking him and his Bree associates up!

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