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Paint Crusade – 48 Hours of Livestreaming From The Hobby Room and Coda_Paints

Have you ever looked at a Start Collecting! box and thought “I reckon I can paint that in 24 hours”? Well The Hobby Room and Coda_Paints both reckon they can! They have joined forces to embark on a Paint Crusade, 48 hours split over the 2 Twitch channels in order to complete this heroic effort!


Starting on the 3rd October the 4 competitors will be frantically trying to get the entire contents of a Start Collecting! box painted and they will be sharing their progress with you all! Check the stream start times below to see when it will kick off in your region!


But it’s not just the guys streaming who are able to take part, you are all very welcome to join in too! Just grab a Start collecting box (or equivalent amount of models) and see how much you can get done! Don’t forget to share your progress over the weekend with the hashtag #paintcrusade


If you can’t decide what to paint then head over to where the guys have a nifty spinner to randomly select one!

We will be throwing our hat in the ring too, so let us know what you guys are painting too!

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