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Rules & Playtesting

We’ve had a teaser of the new rules for the new edition.

The main goal of the play testers was to make the game mechanics feel as ‘narrative’ as possible.

They also want to ensure the game plays out the same across the world, with a focus being on the missions and the rules being able to be interpreted in the same way regardless of where you from, which would hopefully result in the missions being similar across multiple events.

Some very quick fire comments following the Top 8 Things about the New Editions!

Tanks can shoot in combat!

Terrain is being reworked! Cover will work differently.

More command points to start the game with! As the video put it, less soup!

Crusade narrative game system will feature experience points to level up your characters!

Random shot weapons will automatically be the highest number when shooting hordes, example D6 shots would be 6 automatically against hordes!

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