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Humble RPG Book Bundle – Warhammer 40000 Deathwatch by Cubicle 7

Humble Bundle are back with another great Warhammer themed bundle! This time you can get your hands on an absolute stack of Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch Roleplaying Game books for a bargain price!

Once again the bundle is broken down into 4 tiers, with you being able to pay as much as you like and choose where the funds go, with the charity this time being Doctors Without Borders


If you want to dip your toe into Deathwatch then you can pick up this set including the core book for just £1




This then increases over the next few tiers until you reach the top level where you can get all these books for just £14.50!

Certainly worth picking up for that price, if only for the lore within!

If you are interested in other Warhammer 40k Roleplaying games then make sure to check out our review of the recently released Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory also by Cubicle 7

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