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Warhammer Preview Online 3

So, we’ve had yet another Warhammer Preview!

You can check out our reactions as the reveals took place in the below video:

So what exactly was revealed? Lets have a look in the order they were announced!

Sons of Behemet: New Giant Kit!

So we have a brand new kit on the way to conicide with the release of the Sons of Behemet Battletome!

The kit builds three variants, Gatebreaker, Warstomper and Kraken-eater. Look at the size of them!

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress: Ascension

The final expansion for Blackstone Fortress is coming in the form of ‘Ascension’, which introduces a new enemy, Guardian Drones!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Warcry – The Khainite Shadowstalkers

Wow! So we have our first none Chaos warband coming to Warcry! The Khainite Shadowstalkers from the realm of shadows!

The first three models have been shown, and you can see them below. They look superb and I cannot wait to see the rest of the warband!

Lumineth Realm-Lords: Scinari Cathallar

Sneaked into the Warcry reveal we had a brand new character (well, we’d seen some snippets!) for the Lumienth Realm-Lords, the Scinari Cathallar!

Blood Bowl: Snotlings!

Are the Halflings and Goblins too easy for you to play Blood Bowl with? Then you need a team of Snotlings, complete with Pump Wagon! All in plastic!

Horus Heresy: Saul Tarvitz

We have a new loyalist mini coming out for the Horus Heresy. Saul Tarvitz was a loyalist Emperors Children, who was one of the first to lead his warriors against the traitors!

Warhammer 40k: Psychic Awakening: Pariah

We had Ephrael Stern and Kyganil announced a couple of weeks ago, but today, we had two further new minis revealed!

Illuminor Szeras is getting a huge new model for the Necrons, as well as Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus. Both absolutely fantastic models. The Inquisitor for me is the pick of the previews!

Warhammer Storyforge: Hammer & Bolter

We’ve seen lots of previews for series coming from Storyforge, including the anime-styled Deaths Hand, which will be the first episode in the Hammer and Bolter anthology.

The second episode was previewed in the way of concept art, as you can see below:

And finally…

You can order RIGHT NOW from the Games Workshop website two new Made to Order models, available to order for two weeks only.

A brand new Sisters of Battle model, Sister Tariana Palos, as well as a Terminator Librarian, Lexicanum Varos.

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