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Warhammer Fest & Warhammer World Events Cancelled

Following the recent cancellation of Adepticon, Warhammer Community have officially announced the cancellation of the following:

– Warhammer Fest 2020 at the NEC

– All Scheduled Warhammer World Events

– All Scheduled Warhammer Citadel Events

This is all due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) across the world.

We expected this announcement unfortunately, as mass gatherings are being advised to cancel.

With regards to the events at the Citadel in the US and Warhammer World events they are cancelled until further notice, so we may get see some Warhammer tournaments later in the year depending on how the virus progresses.

Games Workshop do stress that the online store is still open for business, however it is worth checking with your latest high street store as you may find some stores may close for the time being.

They are hoping to get event exclusives available via other means, and we’ll see all the latest previews online via Warhammer Community.

Also they plan to do lots of online events, via Twitch and Warhammer Community, including double the dose of Hang Out and Paint on Warhammer TV!

The first of these online previews are due online at the below times:

  • Saturday the 28th of March – 2:00 pm GMT
  • Saturday the 4th of April – 2:00 pm BST

Stay safe everyone! Everyone’s health is more important than rolling dice. Hopefully we’ll see some Warhammer events return later in the year!


  1. Nooooooo! But also glad that GW decided to cancel Warhammer Fest in the light of everything that’s going on. It’s time to take Warhammer digital while this all blows over, anyone for Dawn of War?


      • Winner! Three of us fired up DoW2: Last Stand on the weekend after about 5 years away. It’s so good but so punishing. Plus it’s impossible not to yell ‘I AM GABRIEL ANGELOS!’ every few minutes.


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