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Adeptus Titanicus Warlord-Sinister Psi-Titan Unboxing

Today we take a look at the brand new Adeptus Titanicus Warlord-Sinister Psi-Titan from Forge World in our latest unboxing video!

This kit takes the form of an upgrade set alongside a boxed Warlord Titan, currently only available as a complete bundle from Forge World (Though looks like this has been very popular as is currently out of stock!)

Alongside the plastic kit you get a box of resin components to build the Psi-Titan specific load outs!

Finally, as we have seen recently with the Warbringer, the set also contains the terminal and weapon cards!

This is a really gorgeous looking kit, and I’m really looking forward to building and painting mine up!

Full rules for the Warlord-Nemesis Psi-Titan can be found in the new Shadow and Iron supplement from Games Workshop.

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