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Lumineth Realm-lords War Machines Mentioned in Wrath of The Everchosen

I imagine almost all Age of Sigmar fans are eagerly awaiting more reveals from Games Workshop regarding the Lumineth Realm-lords.

Well, here at Sprues and Brews we think we’ve stumbled upon some more evidence that the Lumineth Realm-lords will recieve some kind of war marchine or siege engine in their upcoming Battletome.

Our very own Chaos worshipper Matt has been busy reading through the amazing new Wrath of the Everchosen and stumbled upon this juicy piece of Lumineth Realm-lords lore…


Found on page 18 of the aforementioned gaming supplement, I think it’s safe to assume at this point we’ll see some ‘sleek war machines’ in the new Battletome, amazing! 😀

By the way, you can read all about what we here at Sprues and Brews hope to see in the new Lumineth Realm-lords Battletome here, might be of interest to any Aelf fans out there.



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