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Today’s Preorders: Beastgrave Warbands & Wrath of the Everchosen!

Help support the site by clicking the below links to grab your preorders from Element Games!

Some very cool preorders up for today!

The Wurmspat: Warhammer Underworlds Nurgle Warband

First of all it is time to go back into Beastgrave, as Nurgle makes an appereance in Warhammer Underworlds! The Wurmspat is a warband consisting of a sorcerer, two Blight Lords and Nurgling…Cat?!

These look awesome! You’ll also be able to preorder the plethora of accessories to go with them.

Hrothgorn’s Mantrapers: Warhammer Underworlds Ogor Warband

Sticking with Beastgrave, we have Hrothgorn’s Mantrapers. I love this warband, and will be defiently picking this up. Consisting of an Icebrow Hunter, a Frost Saber and 3 Goblars (well 4 actually), these all look great, and our first Icebrow Hunter and Frostsaber in plastic!

Again all the accessories to go with the warband are also up for preorder.

Wrath of the Everchosen: Age of Sigmar Supplement

Archaon is not happy about how much death is around nowadays in the Mortal Realms.

In this book we primarily see the Bonereapers going up against the forces of Chaos, in themed battleplans and lore. Their is also some brand new alliegence abilities for Chaos, including one where you’ll be able to mix all the flavours of Chaos! Imagine running an army with a Blood Thirster, Keeper of Secrets, a Great Unclean One and a Lord of Change!

Another excellent inclusion is expanded siege rules. Every army currently with a Battletome, and including the Seraphon, will have siege rules within this book.

Some fantastic items this week! Are you placing a preorder? Why not let us know what your looking forward to picking up in the comments or via social media.

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