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Tales from Far Harad – an SBG Santa unboxing!

On a page in a social media site there lived a community. Not a nasty, dirty, vile page, filled with trolls and mean spirited hateful folks, nor yet a  dry, bare sandy page without pictures of models or Fredos to eat. It was The Great British Hobbit League, and that means comfort.

For those that don’t know, the Great British Hobbit League is a most excellent of community Facebook page celebrating all things Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game – make sure to check it out if you have ever dabbled in things Middle-Earth as it is filled with a load of talented, helpful and friendly people all sharing their joy of the hobby!

For the last few years the members of the group swap gifts internationally in an epic Hobbit themed secret santa, organised by the hero that is Sebastiaan! As a lover of Middle-Earth I decided to give it a go – I received my nominated person, bought some gifts, popped in some of the encouraged snacks (well, Hobbits would not be happy to receive a box without anything edible in it!) and sent it off to it’s fate.

And then, a box arrived.


Hmmn, whatever could be inside it? Let’s take a look…


Well that’s ruddy mysterious…


This seems to be symbology of the tribes that roam in Far Harad…



Have to say, my secret Santa went to some pretty amazing effort with the contents, including the card!! But before we get to the miniatures, we have to do the really important bit, the food!


I absolutely love that Santa has gone the extra mile and matched the snack to the theme of the box, that is pretty amazing right there! I think their description of Haradan Lembas Bread is pretty much spot on – currently chomping on these while writing this article!


But wait,..


What’s in this box?


Precious things to paint? We wants them!





Some gloriously converted chaps from Far Harad! They will look great marching alongside my Mumak War Leader! Santa also included a few bits in the bag containing the other parts of the Camel such as the back banner of the Mumak King if i wanted to make one using these miniatures!


I have to say I am very impressed at the effort Santa took to putting this box together, and fully encourage any one to give this a go next year! Shows what an ace community this hobby creates when things like this are happening!

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