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Tech-Priest Grombrindal – Out Boxing Day!

Not only do we have an awesome Christmas figure in the form of Da Red Gobbo, we have also got a brand new limited edition figure coming on Boxing Day!


The legend that is the White Dwarf himself, Grombrindal, is returning with a brand new miniature! Long time White Dwarf fans will know that Games Workshop have released multiple White Dwarf figures over the years, and each tends to have a fun take on a different theme each time.


Well, this year Grimbrindal has had a Tech-Priest upgrade courtesy of the Adeptus Mechanicus – and he looks amazing!! Not only that, his long time rival the Black Gobbo features on the base as a servitor!


Tech Priest Grombrindal is only available in Warhammer stores from Boxing day until December 29th – dont worry, if your store runs out you will be able to order one! You are not going to be able to get him online though, so make sure you get yourself down to your local store!

Check out all the details over on Warhammer Community

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