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Next Week’s Preorders: Slaves to Darkness, Rohan, Ogres, Warcry

Wow, next Saturday has soooo many products up for preorder. A crazy amount of stuff!

Let us start with the big headline preorders. We are heading for the Mortal Realms. Archaon’s called, you better be ready for answer!

Slaves to Darkness:

Christmas is only weeks away, and yet here we are with a new Battletome for Age of Sigmar!

Slaves to Darkness brings back Chaos in a big way. First of all, we have the book in print and digital (with a shiny limited edition also).

A brand new Start Collecting! is also part of the release, and it’s full of brand new models!

A brand new Chaos Lord on a Karkadrak (big giant lizard)
A brand new unit of Chaos Warriors
A brand new unit of Chaos Knights

Did I mention they were all brand new?

As with most new releases we have a set of Warscroll Cards and very cool Endless Spells!

Finally with this release GW are re-boxing the warbands from Warcry, with two sets of spures. We are predicating these are going to be battleline in the new book.

Speaking of Warcry, we are getting the new book, Tome of Champions.

Oh, and some of the Warcry scenery is being re-boxed for use in both Age of Sigmar and Warcy.

Aeronautica Imperialis

Only announced at the Open Day yesterday the Grot Bommers are coming! You get two in the box along with 4 Grot Bomms.

I love the look of these! I really need to get involved in Aeronautica!

Blackstone Fortress Annual

Compiling all of the rules for every Retinue characters available to play as in Blackstone. Their will be additional rules for side guests and options to boost the challenge levels of the game.

Blood Bowl Ogres

Hot on the heels of the Lizardmen taking to the field, here come the Ogres!

The kit creates 4 Ogres and 11 Gnoblars!

As an additional bonus, you’ll also be able to preorder from Forge World two resin Ogres and a Gnoblar!

As with all new Blood Bowl teams we also have the Spike! magazine featuring all the rules for the players, dice, cards, pitch and dugouts!

Can you believe it doesn’t stop here?

War in Rohan

Now into Middle-Earth!

The War in Rohan is a brand new book featuring new settings and rules for the forces of Rohan and Isengard!

Alongside the book we’ve got a brand new Saurman in plastic with Grima Wormtongue.

And then we have brand new modular scenery kits! We have the Rohan houses which can be built as a single house with different trims and finishes. You can combine these to make even bigger buildings.

Their is also Watch Tower and Palisade kit to create town defenses. You’ll be able to preorder a big Stronghold box which includes six houses and two Watch Tower and Palisade kits.

Finally a bunch of characters are coming back to purchase, along with Isengard dice!

As always, Warhammer Community will be previewing all the above over the course of the week!

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