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Podcast: WAAGGHH!!

Dave and Matt are back, and they each have a brand new battletome!

On this week’s episode Dave takes a deep dive into the new Orruk Warclans Age of Sigmar Battletome (specifically the Ironjawz and Big WAAGGHH rules, sorry Bonesplitterz!). Matt teases us with the Cities of Sigmar Battletome, which he shall be delving deeper into on next week’s podcast.

Our Top 3 this week focuses on the new battletomes, as the guys discuss their favourite bits from the new books. The community have also chipped in with their picks.

As always theirs plenty of news, including the upcoming Blood of the Phoenix book and Psychic Awakening supplement for Warhammer 40,000.

Should you wish to get in touch you can find us at @SpruesandBrews on Twitter, or over on

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