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Warcry Reveals: Spire Tyrant, Fomoroid Crusher & Tome of Champions

Out of nowhere we’ve had some Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Warcry reveals over on Warhammer Community

We know their are two warbands we haven’t seen yet from the Core Rulebook. One of those is the Spire Tyrants. Wonder what they’ll look like?

He certainly looks like he means business!

Know what’s even cooler? A monster. One of a few we’ll see for Warcry apparently, according to the article. Meet the Fomoroid Crusher.

He is…impressive!!!

Finally, they are phasing out the faction warband cards, but fear not, they are going to be included in a new book. This’ll store all your faction warbands, such as Stormcast, Deepkin and Ironjawz.

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