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Today’s Preorders: Escalation, Kill Team and Middle-Earth Made to Order

Help support the site by preordering at Element Games via this link!

The Middle-Earth made to orders are only available through Games Workshop via this link.

After a couple of weeks of Space Marines it’s time for some diversity!

Blackstone Fortress: Escalation

The biggest expansion to the Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress so far! This box continues the story following the events of the boxed game.

Some superb miniatures in this set, including new adventurers and foes, all of which include datasheets for 40k too!

Kill Team Starter Set

Following the massive success of the original starter set which sold out completely a while ago we have a new starter set for Kill Team. Featuring T’au Firewarriors Vs Space Wolf Reivers and a bunch of Sector Mechanicus scenery. Also includes the chunky core rulebook.

Middle-Earth Made to Order

Finally we have a whole bunch of Lord of the Rings/Hobbits minis coming back for one week only!

Order your favourites this week, otherwise you’ll miss out!

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