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Podcast: Projects

With Matt on Warhammer Live at the time of recording its just Dave and Jay on this week’s podcast.

If your going to watch Matt’s battle back as a subscriber on Warhammer TV you may find this podcast full of spoilers as we are talking about some of the key moments of the game as it’s happening, just a heads up!

This week’s podcast features a more detailed discussion on how our 2019 Tale of Gamers are progressing, whilst our Top 3 focuses on projects we’d like to do in the future. We also read out the community picks.

Fyreslayers and Chaos Space Marines feature heavily in the news segment this week.

Want to check out Jay’s Blood Angels in a battle with Matt’s Chaos Daemons? Check out the battle report!

Subscribe to Warhammer TV and you could watch Matt back on Warhammer Live with his Blades of Khorne Vs Phil’s Skaven right here!

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