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Today’s Preorders: Abaddon, Vigilus Ablaze, Chaos Marines

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So Heretic Astartes fans, today is the day you get the start of a large helping of new kits, headlined by the Warmaster himself. Lets take a look at what is up for preorder today:

Abaddon: The Warmaster

Lets not waste time. Abaddon is back, and his new model is outstanding. A real centrepiece for a Chaos army, in my opinion not only if you collect the Black Legion! He includes a choice of three heads and you can choose to give him a cloak. I cannot wait to see him on the battlefield.

Chaos Space Marines

It’s been a long time coming, however they are finally here. First seen in Blackstone Fortress and Shadowspear, now you can preorder a box of multi-part Chaos Space Marines. Fully compatible with other Chaos kits so you can really go to town making them fit your theme.

Updated Herectic Astartes Codex

With all the new Chaos stuff, the codex needed a refresh. Featuring all the datasheets you need this is a must for those starting out with Chaos. If you already own the original version you can choose get by without it, as the below chart explains.

The Noctilith Crown

Helping to boost your psykers and with the ability to dish out invulnerable saves to your nearby units The Noctilith Crown is a brand new scenery piece for Chaos players. Resembling a stargate, I personally feel this would make a great centrepiece for a gaming board regardless of the fact if you collect Chaos or not!

Chaos Marine Dice

What army would be complete without a set of themed Chaos Space Marine dice!

Chaos Datacards

Another must is a set of datacards, featuring all the Chaos Stratagems, psychic powers and Tactical Objectives cards

Vigilus Ablaze

The reason for the mass Chaos resurgence is the final part of the Vigilus campaign. Vigilius Ablaze tells the story of the forces of Chaos, led by Abaddon, hitting Vigilius like a steamtrain. Featuring new datasheets, new missions, new locations to fight your battles in, and of course brand new Specialist Formations.

A fancy limited edition is also available from the official GW webstore.

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