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Heretic Astartes: New Chaos Sorcerer (Apostle?) Spotted!

Edit! Crimson Oracle just made a great comment, he believes this could me more likely a new Dark Apostle, explaining the supplicants and the accursed crozius. Thanks for the comment!

I was flicking through some comments over on War of Sigmar and came across this image. Looks as though the original image host has been taken down, hence the potato cam-type quality.

Is that a new Chaos Sorcerer holding aloft a book seen on a recent rumour engine? I do believe so!

As I was typing this, Matt spotted a better quality image on Twitter!

Looks like he has a couple of Acolyte buddies too!

I’m sure we’ll see a much better image in the coming few days.

Ah, to be a Chaos follower right now…

Let us know what you think fans of the Heretic Astartes!


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