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Next Week’s Preorders: Abaddon! Chaos Marines! Updated Codex!

If your a Heretic Astartes player, then prepare yourself, next week is going to hurt your wallet/purse pretty hard.

We’ve all seen Abaddon. Well next week you can preorder the Warmaster!

Now, that’s awesome enough on its own right? It does not stop there.

Multi-part Chaos Space Marines!

Hot on the heels of the Marines in Blackstone and Shadowspear you’ll be able to preorder a box of Marines free to customise and build as you want. Warhammer Community are quick to point out that these kits are fully compatible with other bits from the Chaos Space Marine range.

That’s not all!

With all the changes to Heretic Astartes the current codex was looking out dated. GW realised this, so they are releasing an updated codex!

If you have the original codex you don’t technically need this, the image below will show:

Oh look, Vigilus Ablaze is mentioned there. I wonder when that is…


Yep, the next instalment of the Vigilus campaign is ALSO up for preorder next week.

You’ll have all the new datasheets for the updated Khorne units tied to the recent Blades of Khorne release, as well as a lot of Black Legion Chapter Rules, such as Warlord Traits and Stratagems.

The Fallen Angels also get a specialist detachment!

Right…that’s it right?!


New Chaos scenery piece! Surely inspired by a stargate!

This thing gives nearby units invulnerable saves and helps to boost psykers.

Wowsers, that’s a lot of stuff! If you’ve been listening to the podcast you’ll know that Jay has been waiting for all this new Black Legion content. The news post on Warcom today also states this is but the first wave of Chaos releases.

It’s only money, right?

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