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MyMiniReport: Live Now on Kickstarter!

If your like us, you’ll take a fair number of photos of your games, in particular key moments, like that time a Hive Tyrant was slain in combat by a Guardsmen.

Some games are so epic you want to tell everyone, when you pulled off that last minute victory by grabbing that objective you couldn’t think you could achieve. However sometimes mid-game it’s hard to note key moments, I mean if your like me your too keen to keep rolling dice to be writing anything down!

We came across a recent Kickstater that has been launched by Nicolas Gocel. His project sounds simple, yet brilliant!

MyMiniReport is an app which allows you to take images of your games. Within the app you can then edit them, add filters and introduce speech bubbles. Another awesome feature is that you can capture the moment in text, either typed with the on-screen keyboard or using voice recognition (for when speed is of the essence!).

Once you’ve finished editing your battles they are displayed in a fun comic book style, which can be exported and printed once your done.

The app is currently on Kickstarter, and at the time of writing you’ve got 18 days to become a backer. If you select the €25 pledge you’ll gain beta access, allowing you early access and the chance to give feedback.

I’m really intrigued by this app as an alternative to filming a full battle, as they can take quite a lot of time to film and edit.

If your interested in the app you can check out the official website at this link. If you want to make a pledge then head over to the Kickstarter page here.

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