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Shadowspear Leaks: Contents and Datasheets

Spoiler Alert! 🚨

If your eagerly awaiting the official Warhammer 40,000 news drop regarding the contents of Shadowspear then look away now, as we have some potential spoilers ahead.

Over on War of Sigmar a source has leaked two datasheets, one for a unit of Suppressors for the Primaris and the second for the Chaos Space Marines.

Autocannon wielding Marines? Nice!

Even more intriguing is the leaked contents list for the big box of goodies. This may not be 100% true, but it feels about right from what we know so far:

Just incase you can’t make out that text we have copied it out below:

Chaos side :

1 Master of possession : Basically just a sorceror that knows 2 powers. Has 5++ save for being daemonkin

2 Greater possessed : squads of 1-2, can separate after deploying together. S5, T5, W5, A5, give +1S to all friendly <Mark of Chaos> <Legion> Daemon units within 6″.

1 Squad of Chaos Space Marines : 1 champion with axe, 4 with bolters, 3 with chainsword and bolt pistols, 1 with plasma gun, 1 with autocannon. No ability to switch out what’s in there, so I assume they’re monopose. The heavy bolter rumor picture might actually be for havocs? Not sure.

Obliterators : T5 now with 4 wounds. Fleshmetal guns are the same, but they now have Crushing Fists. S+1, AP-1, D3 damage. I assume there will be 3, since squad size is still 3.

1 Venomcrawler : 10 wounds, S6 (goes down to 5 and 4 per bracket). Armed with Excruciator Cannon (Assault D3, S+2, AP-2, D3 damage) and Eviscerating Claws (S+2, AP-3 and 3 damage), as well as Soulflayer Tendrils (S user, AP-2, 2 damage, does 2 additional attacks with this weapon). Blows up on a 5 and adds 1 to daemonic summoning rolls for Master of Possession within 6″.

Space Marines :

Librarian in Phobos Armour : Librarian that can set up anywhere more than 9″ away from enemy deployment zone and models. Also has a camo cloak, which adds 2 to saving throws in cover.

Captain in Phobos Armour : Same as Librarian, but is a captain. Armed with Master-Crafted Instigator Bolt-Carbine (what a mouthful). S4, AP-2, 2 damage, can target characters even if they’re not the closest. Has combat knife too, same as Reivers.

Lieutenant in Phobos Armour : Same as above. Has Master-Crafted Occulus Bolt Carbine, S4, AP0, D2, units don’t get cover saves against it. Also has combat knife.

Eliminator Squad : Squad of 3 . They have bolt sniper rifles, two different ammo types. Both are heavy 1, 36″ and S4. Executionner rounds are AP-2, D3 damage and rolls of 6 do mortal wounds. Mortis rounds are AP-1, 1 damage, can target units that aren’t visible, they don’t get cover and add 2(!) to hit rolls with these rounds. Also have the abilities of the librarian.

Infiltrator Squads : Squad of 5, can have up to 10 with an Infiltrator Helix Adept. Armed with Marksman Bolt Carbine, Rapid Fire 1, S4, AP0, 1 damage. Each unmodified hit of 6 does an instant hit and wound. Helix Adept is basically an apothecary, it can heal or revive a model from the unit.

Suppressor Squad : Squad of 3, can deep strike with the grav-chutes. 12″ movement. They have Accelerator Autocannons, heavy 2, S7, AP-2, 2 damage. Also, when they kill a model in a unit, that unit can’t shoot until the end of the turn (so I guess it cancels out overwatch?).

The above list seems to suggest that the contents will be Easy Build models, in particular the Chaos Space Marines as they are listed with the weapons they have.

We shall soon see anyway, as the countdown is now on 3 days to go on Warhammer Community!

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