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Sanguinius: The Blood Angels Primarch Model Revealed!

For as long as the Sprues and Brews team have been going to Warhammer World me and Matt have poked fun at Jay, our regular podcast buddy, over the old diorama of the Blood Angels Primarch, in a dress, laying at the feet of Horus in the Exhibition Halls. And how long has the following image haunted the minds of Blood Angels players:

His time has come. It’s been rumoured, but it’s finally confirmed that he is getting a character series model.

Ladies and gents, Warhammer Community have lifted the lid. He’s as stunning as he should be.

Are you ready?

What a mini! He’s getting a special edition too with an even fancier base, both of which can be bought during the Horus Heresy Weekender!

He’ll be up for preorder online a short time later, including the version with the even more dramatic base, as well as appearing at future events.

Is he a must buy for you? Are you impressed/disappointed? Let us know via the comments or social media!

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