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Next Weeks Pre Orders – Reaver Titan and the Nurgle’s Rotters Blood Bowl Team

Warhammer Community have revealed the pre orders going up next Saturday and it’s a great one with the Reaver Titan for Adeptus Titanicus and Nurgle’s Rotters Blood Bowl Team! I’ll certainly be picking both of these up! Here’s all the details from WarCom!

September is starting in style with a pair of new pre-orders designed to expand your favourite specialist games, from Adeptus Titanicus’ latest war machine to a new team for Blood Bowl. Here’s what you’ll be able to pre-order next weekend:

Reaver Titans are the most versatile war machines in Adeptus Titanicus, offering more mobility than a Warlord Titan and more firepower than a Warhound. Their kit is no different, offering a range of weapons with which to equip yours. Arm up with ranged wargear, go for a hybrid build or, for the truly bold, buy two and give one a pair of power fists.

Like the Warlord Titan before it, the Reaver Titan features optional armourials and is highly posable, meaning if you pick up multiples of this massive war machine for your maniples, you’ll be able to ensure each of your god-machines looks distinct in its own right.

Rules for the Reaver Titan will be available, as ever, through their Command Terminals and weapon cards. While you might already own some of these, you’ll be able to grab more through a range of packs out alongside the Reaver Titan.

The Nurgle’s Rotters plastic kit is a treat for all Nurgle fans, offering the most disgustingly diverse plastic team yet with no fewer than three types of player represented on the frame. You’ll be able to distinguish each team member with a variety of heads, while balls and a priority marker let you match your accessories to the rest of your squad.

You’ll find rules for Nurgle’s Rotters inside another exciting issue of Spike! Journal – alongside more dispatches from the bizarre world of Blood Bowl and a host of new content for every player. Whether you’re looking to field a Nurgle team of your own, need some extra inducements for your Chaos team or just want to catch up with Hakflem Skuttlespike’s latest column, make sure to grab yourself a copy.

Whether you’re reinforcing your Titan Legion or just starting a new Nurgle Team, you’ll be able to do so on the 1st of September – in the meantime, keep checking back on Warhammer Community for more previews of what’s to come…


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