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Kill Teams, Assemble! Update #2 (Part 1!)

It’s that time…lets see how the communities Kill Teams are doing!

Want to check out the first update? Hit this link right here.

Without further ado, lets take to Twitter! Fancy being featured in an update in the future? Use the #KillTeamsAssemble hashtag!

You guys have been that busy I’m having to do this update in two parts! Thank you all so much for using the hashtag! Part Two will be up very soon.

Mr Eaton has been cracking on with his Crimson Fists Kill Team! He’s used a fair few bits to make his team, but they are looking very cool! The Kill Team book does open the doors to lots of customization!

Viddik has finished off his Death Guard team, and they look fantastic:

How awesome does this guy look! His name is brilliant too! I have no doubt he kicks all kinds of ass on the battlefield too! Here is a closer look at his team leader too:

We’ve seen a lot of Imperial and Chaos warbands, so its fantastic to see some Xenos represented!

A fully painted Deathwatch Kill Team! These guys look fantastic! Inspiration for my own Deathwatch team.

Nice one Pan Kakor! These look great! Looking forward to seeing your Mechanicus team too!

Lil Mek has been busy working on his Kill Team since the last update. Lots of cool Deathwatch marines from Twitter folks!

More Xenos! Loving the themed force! Really looking forward to seeing the full team finished!

Poxwalkers are front and centre for the Noob Painter’s team! Anyone have any inspiration on names for his Kill Team?

Really like this, great idea to do a video showing off the Kill Team scenery. You guys should do more videos like this!

Finally for part one of this update we have Mr Knotley, showing off his progress so far!

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