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Kill Teams, Assemble! Update #1

So a few days ago we launched a hash tag challenge, #KillTeamsAssemble.

Because you guys are so awesome, you’ve taken up this challenge even though the game hasn’t launched just yet.

I’ve not made a great start yet, as I haven’t decided on my first team members as of yet. So to stay productive though, I’ve prepped my bases for them!

So that is my effort so far. Shall we see what you folks have been up too?

Chris is really ahead of the pack! He is really making an effort to distinguish his specialists. Can’t wait to see them painted and on the battlefield!

Jakartor is also going for a Space Marine Kill Team, hailing from the Blood Angel Chapter.

The infamous Mr Knotley is also getting involved with his Heretic themed Kill Team.

Not content with just building and painting a Kill Team, it looks like Lil Mek is also working on terrain to battle over. I really need to paint mine to be honest…

Back to the forces of Chaos, as Darren is working on an Alpha Legion Kill Team. Or maybe not, you really don’t know with the Alpha Legion do you?

Sounds awesome Mocata! Go for it!

If I’ve missed you from this first update my apologies, feel free to poke me over on Twitter.

Fancy getting involved? It could not be easier! Tweet your Kill Team progress with the #KillTeamsAssemble hash tag and your heroes shall be displayed in our next update!

The game is currently on preorder and is released this coming Saturday.



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