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NOCF Summer 2018 Raffle


How would you like to win some excellent Warhammer items whilst supporting a fantastic charity? Read on to find out more!

The Nova Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) had holding a summer raffle to support several important charities, Doctors Without Borders, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Fisher House Foundation. Over the years the charity has donated a massive $130,000 which they have shared out to various charities, including those listed above and the Houston Food Bank, which helped to give aid to those affected by the shocking flooding that occurred last summer.

Tickets range from $2 to $5, and if you are lucky you may win one of many fantastic prices, including 8 fully painted armies, ranging from a 30k Iron Warriors force, a 40k Ultramarines army and Infinity warband of Yu Jing!

Their are also several individual models up for grabs, all fantastically painted, again ranging from a Reaper Orc Berserker, a Star Wars Legion Darth Vader, the Daemon Primarch Mortarion and get this…

…a full size…fully painted…Warlord Titan!! Wow!!

Important information about the 2018 Summer Raffles and NOCF
• These are RAFFLES, not auctions. It’s “everyone with a ticket has a chance to win”.
• Tickets can be purchased from ANYWHERE in the world via the website (
• You DO NOT have to be present at NOVA Open to win. We WILL ship anywhere in the world with a valid mailing address.
• We send 95c from every dollar spent on raffle tickets to the charities designated. The other 5c goes towards covering Paypal fees and shipping costs.
• Tickets will be on-sale July 1st and will finish at the 12 noon Eastern time on Sunday, September 2nd. Drawings will be done and announced on September 2nd. Winners will be contacted individually in the following days.
If you would like to take part then you need to snap up some tickets! These can be purchased from
If you would like to check out the full list of prizes, which links to see exactly what you can win check out this link.
Every ticket sold will help support some amazing charities, and you could come away with a fantastic prize. Good luck to all entries!

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